What Mothers are Saying About Rhuger :

I recieved the Rhuger yesterday, thank you. I was told about it by a lady who had used it on her child recently for his reflux and said that it had helped immensley with the pain associated with the reflux. She said he was no longer screaming after his feeds as much and was much happier. This is what my little boy is suffering from and am willing to give anything a go, hence why I ordered some. Funnily this conversation took place while waiting for my dog to get her vaccinations at the vet!! Very random place.

Thanks Kindly Sharon

Yes thank you for the order and the Rhuger drops, they have most definitely made a difference to my wee man and his wind issues. He was fairly colicky and struggled, and still does to some extent bringing up his wind. We have combined the use of he Rhuger drops with Osteopathy and he now will get rid of MOST of his wind, we still havn't quite got there yet but I am calling Rhuger my "magic water". We came to hear about Rhuger as my dear mother who lives in Blenheim (we live in wgt) was telling her pharmacist about me stuggling with my then two week old baby and he said about the drops, got you to courier them to me etc. I will find out excactly what pharmacy recommended them if you would like. As I said my wee man still has issues with wind and doesn't get rid of it all but we are nearly there. Thank you

Regards - Rebekah

Hello Ian.

My daughter and I have been searching online for natural aids for her 9 weeks old son (we are not great fans of conventional medicines if avoidable). We read testimonies from mothers in various forums who have had success with Rhuger so we decided to try it. I did look at the stockists on your website but did not see The Anglesea Pharmacy, but we can easily order from there as Hamilton is only 25 mins away. Yay.

Thank you also for the sample bottle which we will give to her neighbour who is also keen to try for her 7 week old son J

Kind Regards

Hi Ian,

Thank you for your email. We did receive the Rhugers and feel it is making a difference for our daughter. We actually used Rhugers for our first daughter who had silent reflux, we found a little success with her also.

Our second daughter doesnt have reflux but arches a lot on the floor (left hand up by left shoulder and arches on her toes and head!). It is quite an amzing party trick, however, has been happening for about 4 + months now (she is 7 months old) and put it down to some form of discomfort. The Rhugers has seemed to help significantly with her wind (not as windy anymore/burpy), still arching though so we are still on the road to finding out this mystery.

We visit an Osteopath and use homepathic treatments. We have been prescribed losec for both our babes but have chosen not to give on both occasions.

I am giving Alenie the Rhugers before each feed (4 times a day) - 10 drops

I have started her on solids in the last couple of days so hopefully this will help with any potential constipation as well.

I found out about Rhugers when Milla was born in Nov 08 from a lactation consultant in Tauranga that recommended trying it. I have also recommended to a few people in Tauranga that I have spoken with too :)