Rhuger Customer Survey Results

Starting Rhuger
-Rhuger was used to treat babies from 2 weeks old right through to 6 months old, usually starting at around 4-5 weeks of age.

Rhuger was used to help symptoms of:
- Prolonged or intense crying
- Trapped wind
- distended (swollen) or sore tummy
- spilling or refluxing food/milk
- constipation or difficult bowel motions
- colicky symptoms after feeds
- arching back or leg-up movements
- unsettled or irritated after feeds

Rhuger was used in conjunction with other treatments
- Infacol
- Gripewater
- Gaviscon Infant
- Coloxyl drops
- Weleda Colic Remedy
- Ranitidine
- Omeprazole (losec)
- Thickener formula
- Colimed
*** In our study of 43 babies: 35% of parents chose Rhuger as their first choice of treatment and 33% of parents using Rhuger in conjuction with other treatments changed to using Rhuger alone after 2-3 days. ****

How many doses of Rhuger are needed per day?
Between 2 and 6 doses per day of Rhuger have been shown to be effective.

How long until it works?
Rhuger may give relief of symptoms from the very first dose, however in some children it may take up to 3 to 7 days to show improvement

Do babies like the taste of Rhuger?
Only 7 out of 43 participants of the survey reported that their baby didn’t seem to like the taste of Rhuger. The other 36 participants reported that their baby seemed to like the taste or did not show dislike.

How did people hear about Rhuger?
Family member
Antenatal class
Internet – including the Rhuger website

Would you use Rhuger again or recommend it to another parent?
9 out of 10 parents reported that they would recommend Rhuger to another parent and would use the product again.