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Finally ... something that actually works

REFLUX symptoms, baby reflux remedies. COLIC driving you to despair? Looking for a solution you can trust? For over 30 years we have been helping new mums with reflux symptoms, baby reflux remedies, colic remedies and advice on getting your babies feeding back on track. It even works on constipation!

Rhuger Mixture is a safe, natural product created by an experienced pharmacist who can also give FREE advice on use with antacids, feeding tips and other frequently asked questions.

Want to know you can trust Rhuger Mixture? See what other mums are saying and check out our site for independent testimonials.

Rhuger Mixture for reflux symptoms, baby reflux remedies, colic remedies, wind and constipation.

"Struggling with your baby feeding?" Image of mum looking desperate & exhausted, worried. "Bring some calm back to your day" . .. The earlier you start the quicker the results.

Let us help you get some sleep, and call us now.

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For every 1X Rhuger 100ml ordered through this website a donation of $1 will be made to:
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